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12 month Membership + Bonuses
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12 month Membership + Bonuses
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Membership Includes
Write a Bestselling Book
We help you craft your message and you get: 

√ 31 step editing system

√ Proofreading

√ Book Cover

√ Formating 

√ Print-on-Demand platform

√ E-book version 

√ Listing on Barnes &

√ Guranteed Amazon International
 Best-Seller status

√ One (30 min.) free defined coaching sessions to build out your business plan

Authors on The Move (ATM)
Go from speaking for free to earning a fee!

√ Speech Development Support

√ Public relations support to secure media placement

√ Our team negotiates speaker's fee and “extras” such as book deals, email lists, photographs, videos, etc. 

√ Sales training course to make selling dignified and natural

√ Support for developing a digital product suite: podcast, audiobook, e-course, mobile app, etc.

Mastermind Development
√ Get access to our exclusive Mastermind App software

√ Learn how to structure and grow your mastermind group

√ Strategies to market your mastermind group and attract the right customers

√ Strategies for leading group coaching

√ Create a group 100 or less paid subscription members

√ Learn how to automate interaction

√Subscription based model creating residual income

Strengthen your business with these digital courses

√ Avatar 101: Understanding your ideal client

√ Speak for a Living! Core strategies to book engagments

√ Dignified Sales: How to sell effectively without feeling "salesy"

√ Speak for Maximum Impact

√ Table Rush: Learn how to sell from any stage 

√ Freedom Fundamentals: The blueprint for your life and business

Over $5,000 in value
One-on-One Coaching 
Accountability and support are critical!

√ Goal setting

√ Yearly planning

√ Personal Accountability 

√ Business development

√ One-on-one coaching : one 30 min session per month

√ Once per month mastermind group coaching 

√ Weekly virtual coaching 

Over $6,000 in value
Sales System Templates
√ Press Kit

√ Speaker contract and rider

√ 2 calling scripts (initial call & follow up)

√ 2 email pitches (initial &

Over $6,000 in value
HD Website
√ Mobile Friendly

√ Data Collation Format

√ Social media integration 

√ HD logo

√ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

√ Picture Galleries

√ Product inventory

√ Unlimited Video Upload

√ Unlimited File Upload

√ Unlimited Images

√ Members only access area

√ Event/ webinar hosting

√ Lead capture system to get subscribers

√ Google Maps

Over $2,800 in value
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