Your Story Matters!
are you ready to change some lives?
Yes, it's true! You have the power to transform your life and those around you. Some people spend their whole life trying to figure out how to do what they love and still earn a living. Most never get it right. That doesn't have to be your story. We are here to help.
Imagine: working in your passion and also making a profit.
How would your life be different if you could do what you love 24/7 and have a steady flow of predictable income
No longer will that be a fantasy for you, but your reality!

The Legacy Project Mastermind is here to help you:

  •  Maximize: your earning potential from your passion-based business
  • Build: a business strategy to increase your earning potential
  • Grow: a tribe that's eager to buy what you have to offer
Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur, The Legacy Project Mastermind has what you need to up-level your career! 
Each Year, Companies Spend  More than $160 Billion on Training & Development
Are you ready to get booked as a high-paid speaker, sell books worldwide, and build a community of loyal customers who are EXCITED to buy your products and services? 
Learn proven techniques to sell from the stage
That you will: 
Develop products to put your income on automation
Build a tribe around your passion 
You are a leader, speaker, author, entrepreneur, expert, non-profit leader or coach and have a message you want to share with the world. You also want to generate enough income that you can replace your job and do more of what you love.
 You're just getting started and have a burning desire to share your expertise with the world, but you just don't know where to start.
Maybe you're tired of starting and stopping, moving from idea to idea, but not really finding the right thing that will lead to success. 

Whatever your reason is, you cannot afford to wait - your community needs you now!

 Here’s the thing – you can probably recall a time when you attended a conference and looked at the person on stage and thought to yourself, "I can do that!" That vision you saw of yourself: speaking, training, coaching, even selling your book, lit a fire and that flame doesn't want to go out. We believe that it does not have to. With the right support and proven strategies, we can help you share your light with the world- because there are so many who need what you have to offer. 
Grow your business in an environment with people who support you and push you to reach your goals.
Procrastination is the mother of all failure. We'll help you stay consistent and develop a habit of achievement.
There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues. Every member of our mastermind has demonstrated success at some level. In the Legacy Project Mastermind, we learn from each other.
Success is not a matter of TIME it's a matter of TEAM!
You don't have to spend years going around in circles trying to figure it out on your own.
You don't have to see your profits go own the train because of not having the right systems in place.

You don't have to keep putting off writing your book because you think it's hard or it takes too much time.

You don't have to keep living under your potential while watching others win.
That you will:
3 Sexy Excuses You Tell Yourself
(They sound good, but they waste your time and cost you your dreams)
Excuse #1: Now isn't the right time. I'll do it when I finish this project. I'll start after I pay that bill. This is one of the most dangerous excuses. Here's why: putting things off until the "right time" gives you the false belief that you can predict the future. No one can. If you keep putting your dreams off until the "right time" there will never be a "right time." HELLO!? There will always be things competing for your attention. That's life. Don't let this excuse keep you from your dreams. Because tomorrow is not promised.

Excuse #2: There are already people doing what I want to do and they're soo good! No one will listen to me. Your voice is unique and so is your story. What separate the winners from the loosers is consistency, planninng, accountability and execution.

Excuse #3: I don't have enough experience. Life is the greatest teacher. Along your journey you've laughed a bit and cried a bit, failed and overcome - you probably still have the scars to prove it. You are an expert, it's just a matter of having the right team to help you identify which experiences in your life you can leverage for success.

3 URGENTLY Compelling Reasons 
(you should use a book to build your business)
Reason #1: You're automatically viewed as an expert. Name a person who is at the top of their industry one thing they each have in common is.... you've guessed it- a book! It's no coincidence. Books are used by industry leaders to position themselves as experts. People around the world seek out relationship advice from Steve Harvey EVEN THOUGH he has 2 failed marriages, WHY? Because he wrote a book.

Reason #2: Your book is a lead magnet. Whether your goal is to attract clients or your next paid speaking gig, a book does the marketing for you. The days of handing someone a business card, and waiting anxiously by the phone without a single call is OVER. Placing your book in someone's hand instead, makes you stand out and get hired. It is a signal that you are student of the work, disciplined and capable of solving their problem.

Reason #3: Your book is a S.Y.S.T.E.M. You Save YourSelf Time Effort and Money. 
A book is the best tool to duplicate yourself. Your book can be in places you can't go or have not gone and speak to people you have not spoken to. It's your income on automation. It is from this 'door' that potential clients are invited in, to get the products and services that you offer.

3 Types of Coaches You Should NOT Take Advice From 
(about building a long-term sustainable business)
‘The do as I say, not as I did' Coach – This coach may have watched thousands of videos on YouTube and is always posting motivational messages on Facebook, but if you ask them who they've really helped, you're likely to hear crickets. Don't get me wrong, they may have a desire to support you and genuinely want to do their best, but their lack of experience will cost you in the end.

The ‘It’s Easy Peasy' Coach – Running a business is serious business. The reason why most businesses fail within the first 5 years is because they don't lay a proper foundation. Yes, you may be doing what you love, like speaking, but how do you go from feeling good to building a speaking business that will create wealth. You need systems, strategies and structures that will help you not just build a business, but a legacy. 

The ‘All things to all people/Jack (or Jane) of all Trades’ Coach – These are the people who claim they can coach ANYBODY on EVERYTHING, but have done very little of ANYTHING. Mindset coach – check. Money Coach – check. Corporate Coach – check. Speaker Coach – check. Manifestation Coach – check. Business Coach – check. Oh, and would you like to buy some oils from my MLM while you’re at it? – Coach.

3 Compelling Reasons to Trust Us 
(to help you to write a book and grow your business)

Coach Mwale 
Coach Chantel 
When we started the journey of entrepreneurship we had a lot of passion, but we kept moving from one great idea to the next. The result: nights without sleep and years of struggling. The hampster wheel cycle that we were on, finally came to an end when we hired a coach to restructure our business and teach us how to turn our passion into long-term, sustainable profit. The result: more than $.5 million in revenue generated from our coaching services.

Hi, we're Coach Mwale & Chantel, founders of the Legacy Project. We created a mastermind group to help entrepreneurs like you achieve clarity and prosperity in your business. You probably found us because you want to write a bestselling book, but needed to know the right place to start.

The Legacy Project Mastermind, is the perfect place to land. Over 12-months, we focus on helping you publish a bestselling book, fine-tuning your business strategy while coaching you to achieve your biggest goals.

As Business Coaches we have launched numerous bestsellers, first-time authors, and paid speakers. All have seen a 15-37% increase in book sales, speaking engagement and product development as a result of working with us

We know what it's like to have the desire to share your message with the world, but not know how. We even know how frustrating it is to see other people playing FULL out while we're sitting on the sidelines waiting for the 'right time.' Thankfully we learned a valuable lesson from our coach: Most people succeed not because they're more talented, it's because they're more courageous.

The distance between where you are and where you want to be is courage. When we speak to entrepreneurs who spend years and thousands of dollars trying to figure things on their own, my heart goes out to them. I think to myself, gosh, if they knew better, they'd do better.

Doing better means having the courage to raise your hand and say I need help. The smartest people are those who don't try to conquer the mountain on their own. Those are the people who win. The ones who understand that teamwork makes the dream work. Who understand that you can go further together.

That's what the Legacy Project Mastermind is all about. 
Here's What Our Clients Have to Say!
Morgan Wonderly, Author & Stylist
Invested more than $20k with another publisher, hear why she recommends our services!
Dave Phillipson, CEO Space International
Hear why he is absolutely sold on publishing with the Legacy Project.
Jenny Campbell, Network Marketing Veteran
Hear why she is absolutely sold on publishing with the Legacy Project.
I got way more value than I paid for! I was able to not only write one book but TWO in the same year! Thanks to their fast system, I have achieved my goal of becoming an author. Now, I get asked to contribute to news websites and blogs on a regular basis. 

-Chantal Wynter
I wanted to tell my story for so long. I'd start writing and as soon as I was making progress, life happened. When I looked up, 20 years had passed and I still had not finished my book. Then I met Mwale & Chantel at a conference and 3 months later I was a published author! I am so grateful for the guidance and support they provided throughout the process. I highly recommend working with them!
-Cheryl Alexander
Coach Mwale & Chantel are the best! They really care about their clients and do everything to ensure they achieve their goals. If you need support to up-level your business and speaking career, look no further.

-Stephanie Carter-Jernagin
I'd been writing poems for years. As a single mother, writing was my outlet, especially when things got rocky at home. I never really thought my poems were good enough, but Mwale and Chantel believed in me and the message I had to share.
Their support means the world to me! I'm so thankful to be part of the Legacy Project because now I have a safe space to grow my ideas and make my dreams come alive!

-Pinkey Murray
Join our mastermind to achieve your goals! 
Write a Bestselling Book
We help you craft your message and you get: 

√ 31 step editing system

√ Proofreading

√ Book Cover

√ Formating 

√ Print-on-Demand platform

√ E-book version 

√ Listing on Barnes &

√ Amazon International Best-Seller status

√ Two (30 min.) free defined coaching sessions to build out your business plan
Authors on The Move (ATM)
Go from speaking for free to earning a fee!

√ Speech Development Support

√ Public relations support to secure media placement

√ Our team negotiates speaker's fee and “extras” such as book deals,     email lists, photographs, videos, etc. 

√ Two 15 min monthly coaching to give feedback on client pitching calls AKA “Smile & Dial”

√ Sales training course to make selling dignified and natural

√ Support for developing a digital product suite: podcast, audiobook, e-course, mobile app, etc.
Mastermind Development
√ Get access to our exclusive Mastermind App software

√ Learn how to structure and grow your mastermind group

√ Strategies to market your mastermind group and attract the right customers

√ Strategies for leading group coaching

√ Create a group 100 or less paid subscription members

√ Learn how to automate interaction

√Subscription based model creating residual income

Over $25,000 in value
Strengthen your business with these digital courses

√ Avatar 101: Understanding your ideal client

√ Speak for a Living! Core strategies to book engagments

√ Dignified Sales: How to sell effectively without feeling "salesy"

√ Speak for Maximum Impact

√  Table Rush: Learn how to sell from any stage 

√ Freedom Fundamentals: The blueprint for your life and business

Over $5,000 in value
One-on-One Coaching 
Accountability and support are critical!

√ Goal setting

√ Yearly planning

√ Personal Accountability 

√ Business development

√ One-on-one coaching : one 30 min session per month

√ Twice per month mastermind group coaching 

√ Weekly virtual coaching 

Over $6,000 in value
Sales System Templates

√ Press Kit

√ Speaker contract and rider

√ 2 calling scripts (initial call & follow up)

√ 2 email pitches (initial &

Over $6,000 in value
HD Website
√ Mobile Friendly

√ Data Collation Format

√ Social media integration 

√ HD logo

√ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

√ Picture Galleries

√ Product inventory

√ Unlimited Video Upload

√ Unlimited File Upload

√ Unlimited Images

√ Members only access area

√ Event/ webinar hosting

√ Lead capture system to get subscribers

√ Google Maps

Over $2,800 in value
How will your decision impact your legacy?
Walking off the stage and seeing your children's face light up after just witnessing the standing ovation that you received during your keynote speech. They're celebrating you not just as a parent, but as a hero who finally decided that their message was worthy enough to be shared out loud. 

Your decision to play FULL out will change and even save lives. There are so many people depending. They need you to dust off the dreams you put on the shelf. They need you to make the decsion to serve them. Now is the time for you to show up. Answer the call. If you don't help them, who will? 

*Only 10 spots available for a limited time*
We like to keep things exclusive at the Legacy Project. That's why we only offer the 12-month mastermind experience to a limited number of budding authors and entrepreneurs. Those who are serious about running the distance with their vision and want the accountability, expertise and support that our group offers.

5 Ways Your Life Will Change
(after registering for the Legacy Project Mastermind)
This is Your Life – You are an international bestselling author.

This is Your Life – You’ve just received an email that you’ve been booked to give a talk at a major conference – all expenses paid – plus speaker’s fees.

This is Your Life – You wake up to check your bank account and discover 50 people purchased your digital product while you were asleep!

This is Your Life – The money you're earning from your business has completely replaced your full-time income.

This is Your Life – Your business is booming, your movement is growing, and you can’t keep up with all appointments on your calendar.
 that teamwork makes the dream work. Who understand that you can go further together.

How will this happen?
We have a proven path to get you there.
Write a Bestselling Book
Become an 'Author on The Move'
Develop a Mastermind
Over $40,000 in value
Limited Time Offer
Space is filling FAST! 
Only 10 spots left!
12 month Membership + Bonuses
Option 1: 

$6,470 paid up-front

Get 2 months free!
Book + 12 month membership + bonuses
12 month Membership + Bonuses
Option 2: 

$2,447 to get started

50% downpayment for book + 1 month membership + bonuses
12 month Membership + Bonuses
Option 3: 

*Current Authors*
We Gurantee That You Will...
Generate revenue to cover the cost of your membership. If this is not done, next year, your membership is free!
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